If you’re looking to shake things up with unique, plant-based ice cream flavours to complement your novel concept, or to add to your plant-based, vegan menu, we have got you covered.

JuJu Scoops specialize in creating delicious plant-based ice cream flavors that will make your menu stand out from the crowd. From luscious Madagascar vanilla and zesty blueberry ginger to rich and decadent dark chocolate with strawberry chilli, our flavors are sure to delight your guests.

Our ice cream is made with only the highest quality, natural ingredients, in small batches with no preservatives to maintain freshness and taste.

We offer wholesale pricing and quantity for hotels, cafes, and other businesses. Contact us today to elevate your plant-based ice cream game and give your guests something truly special to scream about.

Reach us at hello@jujuscoops.com for details on pricing and process.

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