Our Story

Our Story

Welcome to JuJu

We are a unique home-grown ice cream brand and story that is going to delight your senses!

At JuJu Scoops, our mission is to stay adventurous and create deliciously different frozen desserts with the world's most exotic flavors.

A pinch of chilli in chocolate for a Mexican twist, the taste of a rare Brazilian fruit called jaboticaba in our Blueberry Ginger scoop and a blend of tangy hibiscus with strawberries for French springtime feels. We love to get a little wild in the kitchen, and it shows in our flavors.

JuJu Scoops ice creams are gluten-free and 100% plant-based. We cater to all ice cream lovers, including those who are lactose intolerant or follow a vegan diet.

Our small-batch production ensures the freshest, most yummy ice creams available online and at our partner stores.

Meet the adventurer

Our founder, Zulekha Huseni is an intrepid world traveller who has been to nearly 100 countries. Her love for adventure and sense of curiosity reflects in the unique flavours crafted in the JuJu Scoops kitchen.

Her journey into the world of frozen desserts began two years ago, after she left behind her successful corporate career to explore new possibilities. She carefully studied the science of creating scrumptious plant-based ice creams, using real fruits, spices, herbs, and flowers.

With the promise to make your taste buds dance, JuJu Scoops today offers the boldest and most luxuriously creamy flavours to ice cream lovers across the UAE and worldwide.

At JuJu Scoops, we don’t play by the rules, and neither should you. Join our adventure, and be prepared for a refreshingly different ice cream journey.


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