Custom Scoops

Custom Scoops

Are you tired of the same old ice cream flavors?

At JuJu Scoops, we specialize in curating unique and exciting ice cream flavors for chefs and restaurants.

We understand that each cuisine has its own distinct taste identity and signature style. That's why we work closely with our clients to create custom ice cream flavors that complement and enhance their menu offerings.

For example, a Thai-inspired ice cream that features bold and spicy notes, or a Mediterranean frozen treat that is infused with herbs and citrus. We even have a line of savory ice cream flavors, perfect for topping off a vegan charcuterie board or adding a surprise twist to a fancy dinner dish.

We are constantly experimenting with new and innovative ingredients, so you can trust that your plant-based ice cream offerings will be on-trend and delicious.

If you are ready to add more excitement to your dessert menu with our unique and delicious ice cream flavors, we are geared to surprise you. Trust us, your customers will thank you (and probably ask for seconds).

Reach us at hello@jujuscoops.comfor details on pricing and process.



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